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Consular Protection

Much of the help provided within the framework of consular protection and assistance concerns the following scenarios:
• citizens who have encountered problems with the local legal system, or who are involved in accidents;
• the repatriation of a deceased;
• the search for Italian nationals who have not maintained contact;
• assistance to Italian nationals whose spouse has abducted their child/children and taken them to another country.

In case of accidents occurring whilst overseas, the diplomatic-consular missions make sure that Italian citizens receive adequate medical treatment locally, that their next of kin is duly informed and that all possible assistance is provided should a repatriation to Italy be required.

In case of an Italian national being arrested in a foreign country, the Consulate can:

– make consular visits to the detainee;

– provide the person with a list of reference lawyers;

– maintain contact with family in Italy;

– provide the detainee with healthcare, food, books and newspapers, where necessary and permitted by local regulations;

– intervene in regards to a transfer to Italy should the provisions of the Strasbourg Convention exist, as well as per other ad hoc bilateral agreements;

– support requests for pardon on humanitarian grounds.

The Consulate cannot:

– intervene in court on behalf of the Italian national;

– pay the detainee’s legal expenses.