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Fourth edition of the “Italian Cuisine Week” (18-24 NOVEMBER 2019). Communique' for Restaurants



Fourth edition of the “Italian Cuisine Week” (18-24 NOVEMBER 2019). Communique' for Restaurants

The fourth edition of the “Italian Cuisine Week” will take place from 18th to 24th November 2019 across Queensland and the Northern Territory. The Consulate of Italy in Brisbane, the sponsors and the organising Committee invite all the Italian restaurants, café and bakeries in Queensland and the Northern Territory to promote Italian regional cuisine and the Mediterranean diet.

Any businesses wanting to take part to this event will be required to prepare at least one course, dessert or a menu which relates to one of the 20 Italian regions (e.g. pizza for Campania, arancini/caponata for Sicilia, fontina/fonduta/polenta concia for Valle d’Aosta).

All Queensland and Northern Territory residents will be invited to join in the event and eat at least one dish from each of the 20 Italian regions (a stamp is received on a culinary passport to be downloaded from our website for each dish) from the selected restaurants, café and bakeries.

At the end of the week, all participants will be included in a raffle, supervised by the organising committee (Consulate, Chamber of Commerce, Comites, Coasit-ILC) with external observers. The prizes include a return ticket by Singapore Airlines (terms and conditions here), 2 Italian language courses (including textbooks) at the ILC- Italian Language Center, 12 bottles of Spumante Berlucchi from Italiquore and other prizes.

Any restaurant, café or bakery wishing to officially take part in the “Italian Cuisine Week” will have to fill in the attached form indicating their proposed Italian regional dishes, menu or desserts and send it to before November 9th. The Consulate will advertise and promote it on its social media. Restaurants, bars and bakeries will not be able to grant more than 5 regional “stamps” on the passport to the same person.

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