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The Italian Paralympic Sports Federation at the INAS GLOBAL GAMES in Brisbane, Australia



The Italian Paralympic Sports Federation at the INAS GLOBAL GAMES in Brisbane, Australia

Alessandro Diamanti, Robbie McEwen, as well as John Aloisi (former Australian national and Cremonese soccer player) and Francesco Zanoncelli (former Milan, Atalanta and Cagliari soccer player) and even the astronaut Luca Parmitano, have sent a greeting and a message of encouragement to the Italian delegation of FISDIR (Paralympic Sports Federation for athletes with intellectual and relational impairment), who will be participating in the INAS GLOBAL GAMES in Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia from today, 12th October until 19th October,

Just before the official inauguration of the games, the Italian delegation was warmly greeted by the Italian community in an event organised by the Consul of Italy in Queensland, Salvatore Napolitano, in the presence of the Ambassador of Italy in Australia, Francesca Tardioli. The Ambassador thanked the young athletes for their commitment and determination, in representing Italy in such an important competition. “You are all the best ambassadors for sport, as you are instrumental in promoting the values of inclusion and togetherness and for tearing down any ostensible cultural, physical or social barriers,” Tardioli declared. She then added, “There are many Italians here, cheering you on, who will follow and support you during these days. It was incredibly emotional listening to the national anthem together with you today and let’s hope that we are able to hear it many more times in the next few days. We especially hope that you all have fun, and that we have fun together with you”.

Alessandro Diamanti, who plays for the Western FC of Melbourne Australian A-League, declared in a video message projected during the event, “even if I’ve only been in Australia for a short time, I welcome you all and don’t forget, we are Italians and we always give it our all”.

Athlete Member of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, former cyclist Robbie McEwen, who was actually born in Brisbane, declared to be willing to reciprocate the affection that the Italians have always given to him while participating in the Giro d’Italia, and this time, he wants to be able to make the Italian delegation feel at home in his land, wishing them all the best for the competition.

John Aloisi, the former Australian national with Italian origins (27 goals in 55 matches with the Australian soccer team and two years in serie A with Cremonese) was also present at the event along with Francesco Zanoncelli, former “sweeper” with Milan, Atalanta and Cagliari, who is now training in Queensland.

While the delegation was in the air, flying to Australia, a message even arrived from the International Space Station, from astronaut Luca Parmitano, who declared to be a fan of the FISDIR and who defined the Paralympic athletes as a great source of inspiration for us all.

The competition starts on 12th October and will continue until the 19th, with 1000 athletes from around 50 countries in competition.

COASIT Brisbane helped organising the event that took place at ANFE Italian Club, Newstead, in the presence of COMITES QLD & NT, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland and the members of the New Italian Generation (NIG), wearing their soccer team uniforms.

Please find the video interview to Ambassador Tardioli and videos projected during the event:

Ambasciatrice Tardioli

Robbie Mcewen

Luca Parmitano

Alino Diamanti

foto di gruppo

discorso ambasciatrice

da dietro

majelli console


robbie mcewen


aloisi zanoncelli