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Declarations in substitution of Certificates


Declarations in substitution of Certificates


A declaration substituting a certificate is a document that is signed by the declarant and produced in substitution of a certificate issued by an Italian Public Administration office (article 46 D.P.R 445/2000).

The following certificates which report personal particulars and statements of fact can be provided by way of sworn declaration in substitution of a certificate:

• date and place of birth;

• place of residence;

• citizenship;

• political rights;

• civil status – single, married or widow;

• statement of family situation;

• life existence;

• birth of a child;

• death of spouse, an ancestor or a descendant;

• military service position and obligations;

• registration in registers or lists held by a Public Administration office;

• level of education;

• professional qualifications;

• completed university or public administration examinations;

• areas of specialisation or expertise;

• positions of responsibility;

• acquired training;

• professional development;

• technical qualifications;

• income and asset position or financial position, especially for the concession of benefits or advantages of all types which are provided by special laws;

• specific abolishment from the obligation to contribute, indicating the amount;

• tax file number (fiscal code) or business number (In Australia – Australian Business Number – ABN);

• any detail from the taxation register;

• occupation;

• type of pensioner and category of pension;

• type of student;

• type of home person;

• type of legal representative of physical people or entity, as a guardian, as a curator or similar;

• registered member of associations or movements of social character of any type;

• fulfilment or non-fulfilment of military obligations included those in article 77 of D.P.R. n. 237/64 modified by article 22 of Italian Law 958/86;

• absence of criminal convictions;

• type of dependants;

• all details which are of the direct knowledge of the declarant which are held in the registers of the civil registry office.

A sworn declaration in substitution of a certificate drawn up by the declarant can be either written or typed. It would need to bare a date and signature and can be provided to an Italian Public Administration office by fax, mail or electronic post together with a photocopy of the declarants photo identification.

The act of signing the document is deemed that the declarant assumes all responsibility in accordance to article 76 D.P.R. 445/2000.