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Parental consent


Parental consent

If a parent of children under 18 years of age (married, de facto, separated, divorced or birth parent) is applying for a passport for him/herself, or a passport for his or her own child, consent of the other parent is necessary. The consent form of the other parent, which must be dated and signed, must be recent and must not be dated earlier than 6 months from the time of applying for the passport in question.

The other parent can sign the consent form in the Consulate (the consular officer will authenticate the signature).

If the other parent is a citizen of the European Union and is unable to be present to sign the declaration of consent, he/she can send it to the Consulate by post or email, or entrust the other parent applicant with the signed consent form, attaching a copy of a photo ID document containing a clearly visible signature (for comparison of signatures) and date.

Citizens from countries outside the EU who are not able to sign the consent form in the Consulate may sign the agreement before any Australian notary, who will authenticate their signature with a signature and notary stamp. The document with the signature and the stamp of the notary must then be legalized by DFAT with an apostille. Only when this has been completed, can it be validly presented at the Consulate.

If the other non-EU citizen parent is, even temporarily, in Italy or in another country, the consent form must be sent to the Consulate, before the rest of the application, in one of the following ways:
In Italy, through the local police headquarters;

In countries other than Australia or Italy, through our Embassy or Consulate for that territory.

In the event of death of one of the parents, a copy of the death certificate must be presented